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  June 2010 Total Communications aquires new office building to centralise office and warehouse requirements.

  March 2010 We celebrate our 5000th VSAT antenna installation of various sizes to multiple telecommunications carriers in Malaysia.

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Principal : VertexRSI

Products : Earthstation Antennas, Antenna Control Units, Tracking Receivers, High Power Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers

Principal : Radyne/Comtech

Products: Satellite Modems, Frequency Converters, High Power Amplifiers.

Principal : Advantech

Products : Satellite Modems, High Power Amplifiers.

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

Principal : Radyne/Comtech

Products : Satellite Modems

Principal : Amplus

Products : Transceiver, Block UpConverters (BUCs)

Principal : NJRC

Products : Block UpConverters (BUCs), Low Noise Blockconverters (LNBs)

Principal : Prodelin

Products : VSAT Antennas

Principal : Seatel

Product : Stabilized Antenna System

Satellite Broadband Access System

Principal : SpaceNet

Technical Support : SkyEdge Satellite Systems

Customer Premises Equipment

Multi-Services Access Equipment

Principal : Vados/Verso

Products : Voice/Data Multiplexers, Voice-Over-IP Softswitches

Principal : DLINK

Products : Customer Premise Gateways